Since Sep 2015


Cardio Snack Ideas 

Pre workout 

  • Small bowl of oatmeal with fruits 
  • Muesli cereal with skim milk/almond milk
  • Fruit smoothie 
  • Scrambled eggs with grilled asparagus, and an apple 

Post workout (30 minutes after)  

  • Dark chocolate covered berries 
  • Apple or banana slices with your choice of nut butter/handful of           raw nuts
  • Pineapple/Mango smoothie 
  • Baked sweet potato fries 


Strength Training Snack Ideas 

Pre workout 

  • Greek yoghurt with fruit, walnuts, honey & cinnamon 
  • Egg white omelet and Spinach with whole grain toast 
  • Cottage cheese with cantaloupe/honey dew melon and whole grain crackers

Post workout (within 2 hours of training)

  • Vegetable and whole grain crackers with hummus dip 
  • Avocado, Corn, Tuna bowl seasoned with your choice of spices 
  • Chocolate milk and a banana
  • Grilled chicken with salad